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Window Replacement Woodridge Il

Window Replacement Woodridge Il

Are you considering window replacement in Woodridge, IL? Contact Kennedy Brothers Construction and let us help you. You can trust us to get the job done right.

Why Should I Replace My Windows?

There are several reasons you might consider window replacement in Woodridge IL for your home. By replacing old windows with new, more energy-efficient models, you can see up to a 22% decrease in your home's heating and cooling bills. You can also increase the energy efficiency in your home by sealing leaks around doors, around all pipes, chimneys, and recessed lighting fixtures and by adding insulation to attic floors and walls.

Your windows are an entry into your home. If your windows are old and look in need of repair, you could be targeted by a burglar because they will have an easier time breaking in.  Plus, your windows need to open and close quickly in case of a fire because they could potentially be your only way out. Older windows in homes sometimes need to be propped open, and if a person is trying to exit the window, it could slam down on them, injuring them.

Maybe you feel the best way to boost your home's curb appeal is to have a complete window replacement in Woodridge, IL. Having new energy-efficient windows in your home will not only make your house more attractive, but it will increase the value. 

How Do I Know If My Windows Need Replaced?

If you start to find small flaws with your windows, it might be time to consider a replacement. Defects such as feeling a small amount of air around your windows, and if they rattle when the wind blows, you can try to seal them with caulk and weather stripping.

Do you have a visible water leak where the window sash meets the window frame? There are several ways to fix this, but these types of leaks need to be addressed because water leads to wood rot. If you find cracks in your window frame, this can be the cause of air getting in or out, and if the problem isn't corrected, you could have small unwanted insects entering your home.

If your windows are fogged up and condensation trapped between the glass, this means the windows are "blown" and need replacing. Age is another reason you may want to consider having your windows replaced. Windows usually need replacing every 15 years, but not if they are correctly maintained. If your windows are functioning correctly and are properly maintained they may last much longer.

How Do I Choose New Windows for My Home?

You may want to start with choosing a style of window you like. You will want to determine which style will make your home attractive. You will need to select the frame. Vinyl frames, for instance, are relatively easy to maintain and are easy to customize. There are several different types of glass packages you can choose:

  • Dual & Triple Pane
  • Argon Gas
  • Krypton Gas
  • Low-e glazing

New windows are energy efficient, so call us today at Kennedy Brothers Construction and let us install your new windows.

Window Replacement Woodridge Il
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Window Replacement Woodridge Il
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Window Replacement Woodridge Il Window Replacement Woodridge Il Window Replacement Woodridge Il Window Replacement Woodridge Il Window Replacement Woodridge Il Window Replacement Woodridge Il

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