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Why Midwest Diversified Inc.


Since 1997, we have been providing Lawrence, KS and the surrounding ten state areas with comprehensive roofing services.


Our roofing experts follow strict safety guidelines and are fully-insured and certified.


We have over 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial roofing under warranty at this time ,with very few call backs.


Due to our exceptional service and quality of work, we have gained the reputation of being professional and dependable.

Whole Roof Replacement Saskatoon

Whole Roof Replacement Saskatoon

Contact Wilderness Roofing for a whole roof replacement in Saskatoon when repairs can no longer restore your roof’s integrity. We have an excellent reputation throughout the community and are known for quality workmanship and reasonable rates. We work with a range of materials, from shingles to metal, delivering exceptional results that last. Feel free to get in touch with our roofing team with your questions or review our list of roofing services online for more information.

Q: Do your Saskatoon roofers know how to repair flat commercial roofs?

A: Absolutely! We excel in flat roof repairs for commercial buildings, able to save our customers money with timely re-tarring and resurface repairs.

Q: Can I call Wilderness roofing for roof emergency services in Saskatoon SK?

A: If you’re dealing with any type of emergency roof issue, we want to hear from you immediately. Get in touch with us by phone (306-717-8741) or use our Web form to reach us and we’ll respond promptly if we’re unavailable when you call.

Q: How much does it cost for a roof leak repair in Saskatoon?

A: Costs can vary widely depending on the size of the leak, the type of damage, and the overall condition of your roof. Rest easy knowing that our roofers will always look for the most inexpensive way to restore your roof. You’re in the best possible hands when you hire Wilderness Roofing.

Q: What if my roof needs more than just a repair? Can your roofers replace my roof for me?

A: Wilderness roofing is much more than just a Saskatoon leaky roof repair company; we can take on complicated roof renovations and whole roof replacements, when necessary. Our first goal is to determine whether your roof can be repaired to avoid a more costly outcome. When repairs have been ruled out as an option, we’ll discuss an upgrade or replacement with you.

Q: Is metal roofing a good investment?

A: If it’s time to replace a worn-out roof with a new roofing system, metal could be the best way to go. A metal roof will typically cost a bit more than a conventional shingle roof, but will last far longer, so you’ll see a high return as a result of choosing metal. Speak with our roofers about the benefits of a metal roof when it’s time to start thinking about a whole roof replacement in Saskatoon.

Q: How quickly can your roofers attend to an emergency roof repair in Saskatoon?

A: Let us know that you have immediate roofing needs and we’ll do everything we can to fast-track your repair. We are customer oriented at Wilderness roofing; count on us for routine and emergency roofing services.

Q: Can you provide a cost estimate or quote that I can compare with those received from other roofing companies?

A: Of course! We encourage all of our customers to hire the best roofers for their project. Give us a call and let us demonstrate to you why we believe we’re the best roofing company for the job at hand.

Whole Roof Replacement Saskatoon
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Whole Roof Replacement Saskatoon
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Whole Roof Replacement Saskatoon Whole Roof Replacement Saskatoon Whole Roof Replacement Saskatoon Whole Roof Replacement Saskatoon Whole Roof Replacement Saskatoon

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