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Why Midwest Diversified Inc.


Since 1997, we have been providing Lawrence, KS and the surrounding ten state areas with comprehensive roofing services.


Our roofing experts follow strict safety guidelines and are fully-insured and certified.


We have over 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial roofing under warranty at this time ,with very few call backs.


Due to our exceptional service and quality of work, we have gained the reputation of being professional and dependable.

painting contractor Hollywood

painting contractor Hollywood

The affection attached to getting lost flying among the drifting mountains of the planet Pandora or in the world of flying dreams would have been impossible without the creative ideas of artists. Creativity distinguishes a real artist from an excellent graphics program’s user, although creativity requires integration with skills and knowledge to achieve excellence. Affinity-painting is a full service residential and commercial Hollywood painting contractor company with unbeaten experience in bringing client’s vision into reality through colors with incredible quality in specialized painting services that beautify, preserve and protect investments to the highest quality on all cases.

What is the quality of our work?

Affinity painting is a second-generation Hollywood painting contractor company with over thirty years of experience in residential and commercial painting. Affinity painting takes your vision of your property and then actualizes it with amazing and bright paint colors that are sure to be a sight for sore eyes. The Hollywood painting contractor company has proudly completed projects over the years, from government agencies, coastal communities, non-profit organizations, retail, education, hospitals among others willing to verify as well as give testimonies about the quality of our services.

Our positive experience over the years has yielded amazing benefits with numerous customers, not only giving positive feedback but also making recommendations of our services to others.

Why should you hire affinity-painting company?

There is a popular belief in society when it comes to choosing a Hollywood painting contractor company for projects with too many available options to consider to work with. Customers often have the belief that we all use the same techniques, materials, and tools. That isn’t the case with us at affinity painting with our painting jobs proffering notable differences in the quality to clients as opposed to other brands.

On Painting a residential property, office building, or retail space, we guarantee satisfactory results on affordable budgets without tenants or occupancies disturbance and delays. We offer refreshing, renewed, and creative surfaces that tell stories and bring out emotions through colors.

Our services are beyond painting as we offer handmade custom wallpapers, fabrics, corkboard, and also general services, which include maintenance contracts, renewing and maintaining surfaces, paint and stain removal to state a few.

How will my house be prepped for painting?

Affinity painting believes a fantastic way to refresh your home is through painting. We being a Hollywood painting contractor company having attained the specialized expertise, equipment, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of your home guarantee satisfactory results on all cases.

While working on properties, we make sure we get it right the very first time. We apply Eco-Friendly protective coatings and safeguard unmovable items with drop painter sheets or plastic floors also being protected with drop cloths. Cracks and holes are also patched, with patchy walls being primed and sanded. Doorknobs and other hardware are also accounted for.

Peeling paints would also be sanded and scraped, and on project completion, thorough cleaning is carried out of the entire household.

painting contractor Hollywood

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