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Metal Roofing System

Metal Roofing (MR) Restoration System

The MR System is a complete waterproofing system for metal roofs. It stops leaks, inhibits rust, and provides and energy-efficient, long-lasting, attractive finish coat which will extend the life of your roof for years. During the restoration process, the entire roof is cleaned with a Rust Nuetralizer and then primed with a rust inhibiting primer. Once the seams and fasteners have been reinforced the entire roof is coated with a highly reflective top coat.

Advantages of the Metal Roof Restoration System:

  • Stops leaks with superior waterproofing.
  • Offers superior protection from wind and hail.
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • lowers utility expense with its cool, white reflective surface.
  • Extends the life of the existing roof.
  • Tear off and replacement is not required
  • Restore instead of replace, saving you money.

Metal Roof Coating
If you’re considering a metal roof coating, come to us for answers and specifications. Our roofing contractors will sit down with you and present the best coating systems for your home or business. We have been specializing in advanced solutions for years and guarantee our work.

Some clients have reservations about metal systems because they automatically think of these materials in a limited way. They picture older structures that are prone to rusting, discoloration or corrosion. The material that we use on our jobs is totally different: galvanized stainless steel.

The galvanization process makes it highly durable and resistant to rust and corrosive decay.

Our metal roof coating adds a final layer on top of the steel to further protect and seal the surface. Doing this not only waterproofs, but also adds a strong, repellent layer of protection that offers a number of benefits.

The metal roof coating that we apply is an acrylic polymer that delays the aging process introduced through weather conditions such as rain, sleet, hail, snow, wind and debris. The polymers we install make the top layer of the structure impenetrable for many years and can be used in several ways including:

Metal Roof

  1. Simple spot repairs of certain parts of a building that are showing signs of corrosion or leaks
  2. To extend the lifespan of an existing surface that is already in good condition
  3. As that final layer to a brand new structure, making it weather resistant

We can also apply metal roof coatings on both residential and commercial properties. Many business owners opt for metal on top of their buildings because it lasts longer and equates to a smarter financial investment – they require less repair costs and last significantly longer, so it makes fiscal sense for any business concerned about their bottom line and protection of occupants.

Metal roof coating also has the advantage of being light in color, which reflects ultraviolet rays away from the structure and ultimately improves energy-efficiency. This means hugely decreased energy bills during the warm season when A/C costs can break a budget.

The metal roof coating that we apply is also highly rated through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star certification program. Through much testing and experience, we have selected the best products that are capable of reflecting up to 85 percent of solar rays. This saves significantly in HVAC costs.

It is important to note that these products only work to full capacity when the structure is properly prepared. The building cannot be wet at the time of application, nor can it have corrosion, rust or leaks. We first pressure wash all surfaces to rid them of dirt and debris, then allow them to dry adequately, and then finally inspect the cleaned surface for leaks and to make sure all the seams of the house are secure before spraying on the final layer.

Once the surface is prepped and any necessary repairs are made, we apply both a base coat and specialized sealants over all seams, edges and between each piece of metal. There is no better solution for a weather-resistant surface to keep your structure dry and aesthetically pleasing.

An average roof will only last about five to seven years before it begins leaking and is in need of repair. The renewable solutions we offer are rated to last up to 50 years or more! That is peace of mind. Choosing us for your project will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every year – both in heating and cooling bills and in repairs.

Give us a call today for a free consultation and learn how our coating solution can add years to the life of your structure.

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