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All about Roof Coatings

Roof Coating Systems

Roof Coating systems are one of the best investments you can make for your roof or home. If you are in need of a new roof or simply a repair, we are here to help you decide exactly what will work best for your particular situation.

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One of our specialties is coating roofs and cool
roofing solutions. Roof coating, by far, is one of the best things you can do
to improve your roof, protect it from weather and reduce energy costs. The wide
range of coatings that we apply on our roofs are particularly strong, and not
only make your system stronger, but are offered in a number of light colors that
redirect ultraviolet rays away from the house – which saves our clients
thousands of dollars in energy bills during the summer.

Your roof is the most critical part of your building – without a properly installed and maintained system, your property is vulnerable to water damage and your occupant’s health is at the constant risk of adverse effects from the mold and mildew that result from leaking. Often times, however, your roof is the most neglected part of your building because it is out of sight or overlooked. Leaks and wear can be difficult to detect without climbing on the roof. Even then, without proper training, locating weaknesses in the structure can be nearly impossible.

Coating systems are our specialty, and we have developed a number of solutions over the years that make our roofs stronger, more durable, waterproof, weatherproof, eco-friendly and reflective of damaging UV rays. We have developed a reputation for professionalism and quality work that people in the communities that we serve are happy to share with their neighbors.

With coating systems, there are several types, including white roofing, metal roof lining, single ply membrane, elastomeric roofing and other reflective coatings, all of which add a wide range of benefits to your home or business. These include increased valuation in the real estate sector. Some Realtors will arrange to have them applied to roofs in order to increase the market value of a home – often by thousands of dollars – before selling.
Coating systems offer the following benefits:Keith Steiner Midwest Diversified

  • Durability
  • Protection in all kinds of weather
  • Waterproofing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Aesthetics

Coating systems can go on top of just about any style roof or material, including shingle, slate, wood shake, metal, asphalt, Roman tile and more. Putting a final waterproof layer over your roof will keep it secure and ensure that all the seams of your home are protected from water damage.

To determine which coating system will work best on your particular type of roof, it takes an expert knowledge of the advancing technology in the roofing trade. This is something we have developed over our years as professional roofing contractors. A wisely chosen final layer will add years to the lifespan of your roof, save you thousands of dollars in repair over the years and keep your home free of leaks: Almost all of our roofs last 20 years or longer.

Coating systems, like roofing, encompass both art and science. Not only is there serious technological and scientific knowledge to master, but there are a number of design elements that go into each and every job we do. Each building has certain architectural elements and owners like to present these with a number of different aesthetic decisions.

For instance, most of the systems that we offer are available in a wide range of colors. Many of them are even mixable like paint, and we can match any hue you find at the paint store – literally thousands of shades and hues are available.

Some coating systems will also add a remarkable feature to your roof along with the weatherproofing element – elasticity. Our elastomeric roofing solutions in particular can help save your roof from the cracking and separating that result after a number of years due to the natural shifting, swaying and settling of your home.

Trust only a licensed, bonded professional roof coating service to protect your investment.

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A flat roof coating can save homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars a year in repair costs. It is one of our specialized solutions. Both residential and commercial properties with flat roofs are highly susceptible to drainage problems and leaks, and this system can help save you the extensive damages that can result.

Water is the enemy of your structure. It can rot wood and drywall, and cause eventual failure of the building. Your building needs strong protection from rain, snow and overall moisture.

A flat roof coating uses state of the art technology to keep water out of your home or building. It reduces solar damage and lowers cooling costs.

Roof1When using this technique, it is critical that all leaks are located and repaired before its application. Location of the leak is a sizeable task on its own because the entry point can be a very far stretch from the actual breach on top of the structure – sometimes several feet or yards from the top of the house to the ceiling or entry point. Rely on our professional roofing contractors to expertly identify weak spots and pinpoint leaks to stop them immediately.

A flat roof coating offers unmatched protection to the top layer of your home or building. It is designed to keep rain, sleet, hail and snow from coming in contact with protective shingle materials and wearing them down. This is true whether you are dealing with metal, slate, wood shake, asphalt or tile. The top quality products that we apply on our jobs create an unmatched first line of defense that will increase the lifespan of your surface for years to come.

We offer many flat roof coating products including asphalt based, polymers, elastomeric based, and a number of environmentally friendly green materials. For level surfaces, we see excellent results with elastomeric products because they not only give your structure incredible water- and weather-resistance, they also have the unique ability to expand and contract in order to compensate for the natural shifting of a structure due to wind and natural settling.

Elastomeric coatings are rubber based and come in a variety of colors. This is another huge benefit to this type of surface – its base color is white, and just like paint, you can add thousands of shades and hues in order to create whatever color you want for the top of your home or business. This can add not only to the aesthetic value of your home, but to the amount that your home will be evaluated at by realtors should you decide to sell. Many people in the real estate business add this final layer to homes that they are trying to sell in order to boost the value by several thousand dollars.

Coatings will add years of life to your structure and save you from the repairs that most home and business owners have to shell out year after year. Most flat buildings will begin showing signs of damage within just a year or two, while those with the types of treatments we apply have a reputation of lasting 10, 20 and 30 years or more.

It is an investment that begins paying for itself immediately and continues to every year with financial savings in repair.

Another benefit of roof coatings – especially when they are applied in light colors – is that they will reflect solar rays back into the atmosphere and reduce the temperature inside your home in warmer months. This not only slows down the aging process of the structure, but it will greatly reduce A/C costs during the hot season.

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